Back Rural youth: diverse, ignored and unfulfilled - UNDER 30' EPISODE 16

In this episode, we are discussing a new EU-Council of Europe research paper on rural youth. What challenges rural youth face? How does youth work and youth policy respond to them? What responses are still needed?

The EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership has recently published a study “Young people in rural areas: diverse, ignored and unfulfilled” co-authored by Adina Marina Șerban and Rūta Brazienė.

One of the most striking findings is that rural policies ignore young people and youth policies ignore rural youth. Generally, there is little understanding and acceptance in policy that young people in rural areas represent a diversity of groups, interests, needs and aspirations.

Hosts: Dariusz Grzemny and Tanya Basarab

Guests: Adina Marina Șerban, one of the authors of the publication, and Karen Ayvazyan from the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe.

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