Recognition app - Coyote - Issue # 18

Hello readers!

If you look in the mirror, what do you see? What do you identify as being important? If others look into it too, does that change your perception? With this Coyote we introduce the Recognition App – a metaphor based on those little programs on your phone – which may help to get into the world of recognising non-formal learning in youth work.

Coyote has been raising lots of questions in recent issues and this time we encouraged our authors to formulate some answers, to dare to look into the future and illustrate where all this effort across Europe may lead us.

At the same time as we were choosing the different angles to explore for this issue, planning began for the symposium on “Recognition of youth work and non-formal learning in the youth field” to be held at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, so it seemed clear that the issues tackled there would form the backbone of our considerations here. You will find some great articles drawn from symposium participants and inputs that informed discussions. Even more information and conclusions from the symposium can be found here:

Recognition – we have found – is as much about process as it is about product, so this issue also includes hints and tips and ideas amongst many others for:

  • setting up your own recognition strategy
  • improving ways to enrich selfassessment
  • getting into the job market and seeing youth work as a profession
  • combining the best of formal and nonformal education approaches
  • judging what have been the effects of the introduction of the Youthpass process and certificate
  • challenging ourselves to use the results of research. Added to all that, we also get to look at new challenges in nonformal education and ask ourselves how babies could be involved in activities – a rich tapestry!