Back Mapping rural youth realities. How are they moving forward? - Coyote - Issue # 30

Hello youth field and youth in the field!

Welcome to the first Coyote produced wholly online DC (During Corona): no face-to-face editorial meetings; no events we were allowed to attend and meet potential authors… Luckily, we had a wonderful team and the inspiration provided by the huge networks brought by them.

What is life like for young people living in rural communities? What are their challenges? How does youth work respond? With this edition of Coyote, we wanted to find out. Looking at the resulting articles, there is much to inspire and attract attention!

So you will find out about:

  • the impetus given to research and action by the implementation of Youth Goal no. 6;
  • how rural LGBTI+ young people are finding their place;
  • challenging stereotypes of being “a man” in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • virtual exploration of rural youth civil society around Europe;
  • why boredom can stimulate youth action in the countryside;
  • what can a rural centre for nonformal education look like;
  • increasing youth participation in agricultural policies;
  • making a rural youth council work;
  • experimenting with mobile rural youth work;
  • the impacts of Covid19;
  • a whole host of resources to find out more;
  • recognising a real “live stream”;
  • and discover what wisdom Spiffy can offer to rural youth.