Insights into youth policy governance

Youth policies are initiated and reviewed regularly at various levels, from local to national and international. People who work within this process, from policy makers to practitioners, researchers and young people, ask themselves how they can set up the best governance system for their context, who should manage youth policy, how communication can be ensured among the different stakeholders and how young people are involved.

Using over 15 years of gathering and analysing evidence in the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy (EKCYP), the EU-Council of Europe youth partnership presents its first Insights. This publication seeks to provide insights into youth policy governance with presentations of approaches in different countries and with guiding questions for reflection. It thus offers a picture of how youth policies are set up (the legal framework) and which public structures manage their implementation, as well as how young people are involved.

The analysis is presented based on a multi-country review of contributions gathered in 2016 and 2017 from the EKCYP and the EU Youth Wiki. To frame the analysis across Europe, Insights also presents European-level policy imperatives and governance in the Council of Europe and the European Union, and the knowledge on this subject gathered through their partnership in the field of youth.