Inclusion and people with disabilities - Coyote - Issue # 8

The Coyote Theme expands our thinking into a wide range of social and economic disadvantage: Tom Croft and Bea Roberts challenge us to think about the realities of having a voice in the European scene. Karina Chupina gets down to the realities of including those with disabilities into training events and the Arts while Anne Storz describes a muli-lateral long term project involving disabled young people and sport; and both Mariane Schapmans and Louis Leroux consider the implications of financial disadvantage on training, EVS and mobility in Europe.

My hope is that disability and disadvantage will not be something that is forgotten after 2003 but that we will constantly review our efforts to make training and work with young people truly inclusive.

Arturas Deltuva’s article on spirituality in the training situation will I hope be the first of several contributions exploring this often neglected topic. The pair of articles linking youth training and youth research will also hopefully be the first of several in coming issues.

This issue does not contain a Coyote interview; we hope to bring this feature back next time. We do however have a useful insight into the life of a National Coordinator through Asuman Goksel’s review of the development of Turkey’s involvement in the EU Youth programme. In the training methodologies section there are two articles describing very different pieces of work: JP Restouiex describes a training programme involving a mixture of people from youth organisations and civil servants responsible for youth affairs; Geoff Cooper describes the Young Touch programme which develops environmental and intercultural awareness through an active, participant led programme. Both of these articles enable us to share in the learning gained from running similar programmes over several years.