Finding common ground - Coyote - Issue # 23

Hello readers!

It is a growing Coyote tendency: go with the whole team to an event, explore, listen and speak with people, and get inspired! This time we had the honour to be invited to the 2nd European Youth Work

Convention held in Brussels. (If you look at Coyote extra and Coyote 16 you will see we were also at the first one in 2010). The convention aimed to find common ground in youth work across the continent, to give participants an experience they would not forget in a hurry and obtain tangible results with recommendations for concrete action at the end. It succeeded.

In this edition you will find out how the convention came into being, how many pizzas are needed to fuel a final declaration and different perspectives on the proceedings and results also from outside of Europe.

You will see examples all over the magazine of the work of the four graphic facilitators who accompanied proceedings, visualising ideas and facilitating understanding and learning processes in a really exciting way. They let us into some of the secrets of their trade and talk of how challenging it is to listen, think and draw at the same time.

From there we examine some of the key themes which occupied the hearts and minds of many of the 500 present in the incredible convention centre known as “the Egg”: Where are we with “recognition” and how do we put it into operation these days? How far do youth work concepts reflect reality and empower young people? To what extent is it possible for the youth field to work with others? What makes a youth worker? A youth worker with an international dimension?

More than any other, in a way, this is the Coyote “Interview edition” – the editorial team found this form particularly relevant this time in order to get to the heart of the matter. We hope it works for you!