European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation - Coyote - Issue # 12

Welcome to the All Different – All Equal meditation of the Coyote Magazine. This is such a big and important subject that we have dedicated the whole issue to exploring the campaign, its activities and the thinking behind it.

The articles cross from policy debate to practical campaign activities and from information to personal reflection. The magazine brings together elements of youth policy, youth research and youth work practice and training. It includes two articles which provide a wider perspective from the world of work and industry – from Germany, through the article from colleagues in the Railway Company Deutsche Bahn and from the Netherlands and South Africa.

What is striking about the campaign and which is reflected in several of the articles, is the positive approach the campaign is taking. Rather than campaigning against something – in this case discrimination, the articles demonstrate a genuine desire to promote something positive – diversity, human rights and participation. Not that that necessarily make the job any easier. The challenges are still there, but somehow it seems more sustainable and accessible.

On a practical level, the magazine includes a number of case studies of campaign activities in different countries.