Back European citizenship - Coyote - Issue # 7

This issue brings you the second Coyote them. This time in the form of a lead article followed by two responses. The them itself is European Citizenship and the lead article takes us though some of the struggles and ‘mind bending’ of a team of trainers planning how they should approach the subject. The two responses give us some different ways of looking at the subject and we hope that you will respond further by continuing the debate in your own training teams and networks – wherever you are a citizen of!

The Focus section of the magazine provides a show case for projects and pieces of work which we hope will be of interest to many trainers in the youth field. Happily those presented in this issue compliment the citizenship theme and demonstrate some real-life approaches to citizenship development. Training and development is (or should be) present wherever people aspire to work together with and for the benefit of young people. The work described in the Focus section demonstrates the variety and depth of such work around Europe.

As usual this issue contains articles of a practical nature in the methodologies section. Each of the three articles gives us the opportunity to think in some dept about the way we do things in the training situation. Peter Wicke introduces us the TCI model as a way of understanding the team or group processes; Catherine Amelineau and Joao Barata describe their innovative approach to Language learning; and Miguel Angel Garcia Lopez explores some of the links between psychological models and educational approaches with the hope that this will give us new perspectives on the training methods we choose.