Digitalisation, young people's mental health and well-being - UNDER 30' EPISODE 13

In this episode we are discussing with Ursula Curven and Cathy Street the impact of digital life on young people's mental health and well-being. This episode is the third one in the series, promoting the latest Youth Knowledge Book on Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation recently published by the EU-Council of Europe youth partnership.

This is another episode, in which we do deeper into different topics explored in the Youth Knowledge Book on Young People, social inclusion and digitalisation. This time we look into two chapters that discuss how digitalisation is affecting young people’s mental health and well-being.

Our guest, Cathy Street wrote a chapter, in which she looks into young people’s digital well-being outlining current research findings about both positive and negative effects of digitalisation, including problematic or excessive use of technology and some theories behind these findings.

Ursula Curven, our second guest, wrote an article, in which she explores how young people who are marginalised and isolated can feel supported through the use of peer chat media such as Yik Yak, social media app that enabled people to post anonymously in short message format, similar to a text or Twitter.

Hosts: Dariusz Grzemny and Lana Pasic

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