Back Boosting opportunities! 3rd European Youth Work Convention - Coyote - Issue # 31

Dear readers!

One dark winter has passed since the largest online event ever held in the field of youth work in Europe, but the Bonn process has just started. If you’re still wondering how the European Youth Work Convention, European Youth Work Agenda and Bonn process are related – you might want to check out our video “The 3rd European Youth Work Convention – what’s it for?”. We’ve heard many stories about how this video helped not only to prepare for the convention, but also in engaging people to discuss its impact at national levels. Spiffy is very happy to hear the howl has reached many ears.

As the convention aimed at bringing the community of practice to co-create together – we have also tried to represent ideas, thoughts and reflections of different members of the community. It’s interesting and also intriguing, as some of them are inviting us both to look behind the scenes of the convention and to wonder about the future.

In addition to the introductory video and Spiffy Wisdom, we invite you to explore:

  • Convention. Recognition. Commitment – perspectives of policy owners in the field of European Youth Work;
  • how the voices of 1 000 participants are gently taken care of to be outlined in the final declaration;
  • convincing arguments why youth work would be stronger with sustainable funding;
  • what is innovation in the context of youth work and what youth workers have to do with it;
  • a look at the convention from outside of Europe and a glance to the youth work outside of Europe;
  • exploring preparation and followup for EYWC – how European policies would be useless without caring about what happens at national level;
  • a great reminder of the power of youth work and the changes it evokes;
  • how research is not just the prerogative of academics and how to bring it closer to the use of youth workers;
  • recognising that work never goes away, it’s still there
  • some continued wisdom from Spiffy.