Back All Rights Included. Enter! Youth week and beyond - Coyote - Issue # 29

Hello social rights supporters!

Welcome to this updated and refreshed edition of Coyote – prepared when there was still freedom of movement (BC = Before Corona) and finalized under conditions of lockdown (DC = During Corona). Who knows when we will find ourselves AC = After Corona? It is now more important than ever to be vigilant in promoting and empowering young people in their struggle for social rights – so you will find much here which can be used and adapted now and in the future.

Your Coyote editorial team had quite a time participating in the Enter! Youth Week at the European Youth Centre – so many amazing people from mixed generations engaged in youth work from so many different places based in at least three continents. One of the slogans I heard was “Download global – upload local!” and Enter! was a prime example of that spirit.

As you can see, Coyote is definitely reflecting world views this time! Take a trip through our articles and:

  • see how dance improves young people’s access to social rights, personal development and quality of life;
  • listen hard to some really revealing statements from young people about their impressions and strong emotions about being in Enter!;
  • touch the creativity of the Youth Express Network as its member organisations put the Enter! recommendation into practice;
  • follow the passionate history of Bué Fixe from Sao Tome to Portugal in support of young people’s rights;
  • decolonise youth work from a brilliant perspective from Kenya.

And now we complete the edition with new articles:

  • find out how the Enter! project was born;
  • discover Canadian perspectives on the Week;
  • gain an overview of current research on young people’s social rights;
  • understand the complexities and joys of young people with disabilities and their sexuality;
  • witness how NGO’s can join forces with schools for social rights;
  • identify ways for digital inclusion;
  • explore a range of tips for finding out more resources;
  • match yourself with the impostor, open some drawers and listen to a series of podcasts;
  • and, finally, start a new adventure for Spiffy as they reveal their wisdom.