Back 20 years EU-CoE youth partnership! - Coyote - Issue # 27

Hello birthday babes!

Who would have thought it, back in November 1998, that the EU-CoE youth partnership would continue growing and blossoming this long? Twenty years is a good anniversary to celebrate and Coyote is here to fly the kite!

Coincidentally, the Coyote editorial team was again in Tallinn to start exploring the themes for this issue, by attending the Connecting the Dots: Young People, Social Inclusion and Digitalisation symposium. Great harvesting ground for ideas and potential authors!

For this issue we have invited a whole range of people and organisations to give their views on the stakes they hold and have held in the development of the partnership and the crucial issues with which it works.

So you will find here:

  • how the two sponsoring institutions, the coordinators and youth representatives see its past, present and future roles;
  • what traces their relationship with the partnership has left on a range of individuals;
  • how major themes like participation of young people and European citizenship can be seen in the future;
  • an analysis of the ways in which the partnership contributed to putting youth work on the map;
  • a whole menu of the riches to choose from in the youth partnership restaurant;
  • how renovating old fishing boats can contribute to social inclusion;
  • a summary of the digital challenges facing youth services;
  • some ways to change perspectives on the youth participation ladder;
  • where and how intercultural learning can provide solutions in a posttruth world;
  • and what happens when the egg leans on the door…