Training course for LLM professors from Moldova on Human Rights and the Internet

Vadul lui Voda 11-12 July 2016
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Training course for LLM professors from Moldova on Human Rights and the Internet

On 11-12 of July 2016, the Council of Europe organised a training course for LLM professors from Academy of Public Administration and Moldova’s Universities on Council of Europe standards and best European practices on Internet and Human Rights including Internet Governance.

The purpose of the training course was to promote, increase knowledge among and to provide guidance to academic community on CoE adopted standards on Human Rights and internet, rule of law in the digital world, the European Court of Human Rights case law related to Internet Governance, including new technologies and to share and make use of this knowledge in their activity.

The event took place in the framework of the harmonisation of the Academy of Public Administration’s existing LLM/MA/MSc curricula for civil servants to include CoE Internet human rights and Internet Governance standards and related European Court of Human Rights case-law.

The training course gathered more than 60 professors from all Universities of Moldova and was conducted jointly by CoE and local experts.

The event is organised within the framework of the joint CoE/EU project “Strengthening the respect for human rights in the implementation of the Republic of Moldova’s Digital Agenda” aiming at strengthening capacities of national authorities on human rights standards, awareness raising among the private sector, civil society and general public on those standards.

 Training course programme