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Welcome to the home page of the Council of Europe and European Union Joint Project, ‘Keep Crime Out Of Sport’ - KCOOS, aimed at providing countries with technical assistance in implementing measures to combat match fixing and to regulate sports betting. The project kicked off in January 2016 and will continue until the end of June 2017.

The project was launched on 21 January 2016, in the aftermath of the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, which has been open to signatures and ratifications since September 2014.

The Convention is the first legally binding instrument that aims to combat this worldwide phenomenon and to date has 22 signatures and 2 ratifications, Norway and Portugal.

The KCOOS project aims to raise awareness on the issues of match fixing and sports betting risks, as well as to promote the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions. It aims to assist countries in implementing the various measures of the Convention within their national systems, in particular, in the fight against match-fixing and in the regulation of sports betting.

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24 October 2016 T-MC Secretariat: In Moscow this week promoting the Match-fixing Convention. And KCOOS in Bucharest for the 4th Regional Seminar!

19-21 Sept 2016: The Council of Europe Sport Secretariat will be organising two events related to match-fixing in mid-September. The first, from 19-20 September is a closed meeting of network of regulatory authorities in the domain of match-fixing.

From 20-21 September, the CoE will be organising the International Conference on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, where it will welcome 46 countries and 140 participants from minstries, regulatory authorities, sports national and international organisations, betting operators, law enforcement and justice to discuss priority actions for the upcoming months in the fight against sports manipulations based on the Macolin Convention.

17 May 2016: The KCOOS Project was presented and an update was provided at the 10th Annual EPAS Governing Board Meeting in Strasbourg, France at the Palais de l'Europe. Member States and relevant actors were present.

20 April 2016: KCOOS Project Manager, Cassandra Fernandes was present at KCOOS Partner, INTERPOL's 8th International Task Force Meeting on Match-fixing, exchanging with law enforcement, a main actor in the fight against match-fixing.

15 APRIL 2016: KCOOS Partner, ESSA, has a new Integrity Report out - and it includes an article about the project and the Council of Europe Convention.

3 APRIL 2016: KCOOS and the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions in the second edition of the INTERPOL Bi-Weekly Bulletin!

Check out KCOOS partner’s new INTERPOL Crime in Sport page too!

Convention news

Albania, Austria and Slovenia are the newest signatories to the match-fixing Convention, signing at the EPAS Conference on Migration in Vienna on 02 June 2016.

Moldova has become the 24th signatory to the match-fixing Convention, signing in Strasbourg on 29 April 2016. Details on Moldova's signature here.

Italy signed the Convention on 7 April 2016 in Strasbourg. Details on Italy's signature can be found on the Council of Europe Conventions Sport page

Current status: 28 signatures, 2 ratifications (Norway, Portugal). Talks continue within the EU on signing and ratifiying the Convention. Interest increases from Non-EU countries.

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