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The GUIDEBOOK ON UNDERSTANDING AND EFFECTIVELY COMBATING THE MANIPULATION OF SPORTS COMPETITIONS (KCOOS Guidebook) was developed during the Keep Crime Out of Sport (KCOOS) project that was co-financed by the European Union and the Council of Europe. The project’s various activities, research and networking resulted in a mass of information and notably the need for clarity on various aspects of practically tackling the manipulation of sports competitions.

The guidebook will be reshuffled in early 2018 to separate the chapters and new templates will be uploaded regularly. The first update will refer to practically setting up a national platform. Idea, suggestions and proposals are always welcome to enriching the online tool. Please contact us .

The first version of the KCOOS Guidebook (26 January 2018) can be downloaded here.

Main Chapters :

Introduction (The guidebook’s approach)

Understanding the Complexity of the manipulation of sports competitions (actors, nature, modus operandi)

Actions to address manipulation of sports competitions (risk assessment, legislative framework, co-operation and coordination, sharing of information and intelligence)

Each chapter and sub-chapter has a section on guidelines,w hich will later be extracted into separate templates.