Study visits: practical moves


Explaining the study visits

Each Study Visit will be tailored as much as possible to the participating countries. This highlights the importance of participation in the questionnaire, which is currently underway and in the Regional Seminars, which will take place in the autumn of 2016.  

Each Study Visit will allow participating countries to experience first-hand the functioning of various systems to fight match-fixing, including betting regulations. They will also experience the functioning and establishment of national platforms. This will allow countries to ask specific questions based on challenges faced within their own systems, with the aim of receiving useful advice, input and generally fostering an atmosphere of information-sharing and exchange of good practices.

ARJEL and UK Gambling Commission, as organisers, will aim to address challenges that have been previously highlighted by participating countries, with regard to implementation of measures to fight sports manipulations.

Implementation of study visits

The Study Visits will be led by The French Gambling Regulatory Authority (ARJEL) (link to Partners page) and UK Gambling Commission. Appropriate relevant actors will be invited from participating countries to participate in workshops, discussions and seminars.

Study visits will last 3-5 days each, with a maximum of approximately 10 participants. An average of 3 countries will be selected per study visit.

Visit will include institutional tours and demonstration of national systems, as well as practical and technical assistance.

Dates for study visits

Four Study visits will take place, between November 2016 and February 2017. ARJEL and the UK Gambling Commission will each organise two study visits to various relevant institutions within France and the UK, demonstrating good practices and their national platform set-up.

How to participate

A set of criteria will be established to select beneficiary countries. Decisions will also be made following replies to questionnaires  and participation at Regional Seminars. Please do not hesitate to contact the KCOOS Secretariat.

Study visits in short

  • Post- Regional Seminars
  • Beneficiaries selected based on pre-determined criteria and desk research
  • 4 Study Visits in total, organized by ARJEL and UK GC (2 each)
  • Objectives: Illustration of a good practice example: technical assistance, advice through regional/international cooperation and multilateral actions to initiate various activities (preventative, normative, etc). This is a follow-on from regional seminars, allowing for interested countries to visit another member state or partner organization in order to acquire examples and guidelines for good practices to implement within their own systems.
  • Support capacity building among participating stakeholders
  • Allow beneficiaries to experience first-hand administrative procedures and infrastructure
  • Output: 4 study visits (4-10 participants) 2-4 days
  • Deliverables: Reports for each SV including evaluation reports; Press releases per SV.
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