What is a regional seminar under the KCOOS project?


Laying the groundwork for the RS

Each Regional Seminar will be tailored as much as possible to the participating countries and the region. This highlights the importance of participation in the questionnaire, which is currently underway. Maximum contact with relevant contacts within Member States is crucial to setting up

Implementation of the RS

The Regional Seminars will run over two days. Appropriate relevant actors will be invited from participating countries to participate in workshops, discussions and seminars. The Regional Seminars will not be stand-alone events, but instead the output from each event will impact the following Regional Seminars, in the interest of facilitating a flow of information and progress of ideas. The various sub-events will depend on results of the questionnaires sent out in early 2016 and will will be customised towards participating countries. They will focus on:

  • Ways to exchange information between various actors at national and regional level
  • Sharing of good practice in fighting sports manipulations at national level
  • Tackling challenged identified in prior desk research
  • Assisting participants with the establishment of relevant bodies to fight match fixing and to regulate sports betting
  • Addressing concerns and issues from participants
  • Making relevant contacts at national and regional level
  • Promoting the Council of Europe Convention on the manipulation of sports competitions (STCE n°215)

A RS close to you

Five Regional Seminars will take place within Europe in September and October 2016, to which Council of Europe and EU Member States will be invited. Dates, places and participating countries are all to be confirmed:

Regional Seminar 1 - Recognising the problem, creating the trust
Date: 20-21 June 2016
Place: The Hague, The Netherlands
Participating Countries: Albania, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland and United Kingdom

The Council of Europe Conference on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions will take place on 20-21 September in Strasbourg and will present a follow-on from the first Regional Seminar, as well as contribute towards the remaining Regional Seminars. More information soon.

Regional Seminar 2
Date: 27-28 September 2016
Place: Zagreb, Croatia
Participating countries: Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine

Regional Seminar 3
Date: 4-5 October 2016
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Participating countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland

Regional Seminar 4
Date: 25-26 October 2016 (TBC)
Place: Bucharest, Romania
Participating countries: Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ireland, Poland, and Moldova

Regional Seminar 5
Date: 8-9 November 2016
Place: Athens, Greece
Participating countries: France, Greece, Italy, Slovak Republic, Montenegro, Estonia and Cyprus

How to participate

Contact the KCOOS Secretariat. We are waiting to hear from you!

Regional seminars in short

  • Objectives: Organizational and other learning opportunities. Here challenges identified in the previous questionnaire and follow-up phase will start to be tackled at the Regional Seminar. National Platforms will be a key feature. It aims to provide information on the convention with regards to standards, procedures, sports betting risks, etc.
  • Information sharing to target groups on standard procedures, sport betting risks, fight against sports manipulation, etc. notably on the establishment of national platforms
  • Active platform of exchange of information and providing advice and solutions while tackling identified challenges
  • Mobilization of expertise of Council of Europe/EU/partner organisations, advice and exchange of good practices
  • Identify potential targets for Study Visits and Expert Missions from providing information on the possibility of technical assistance through regional/international cooperation and multilaterally-approached actions.
  • Outputs: 5 regional seminars; 1-2 day events. Over 18 months, targeting the needs of groups of countries. This will result in a more specific conference with regards to the financial, practical and legal aspects of a group of countries.
  • Deliverables: Report for each event for partners; press releases for each event for public
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