Intermediar: cum să analizezi amploarea discursului instigator la ură

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Atunci când se analizează un discurs instigator la ură, este, de asemenea, important să se ia în considerare raza de acțiune a discursului instigator la ură (amploarea). Va trebui astfel să analizezi mediul în care a fost partajat discursul și frecvența diseminării acestuia.

 Criteria to be considered

Nature of the expression

This means identifying if the message was expressed in a public or a private context. Expressions shared in private contexts do not aim to produce harmful results and are protected by the right to privacy.

Means of dissemination

The medium in which the speech was shared is very important as it might help you understand the speaker’s potential to reach either large audiences or their intended audience. The answer options are “Likely inefficient at reaching the intended audience”, “Likely moderately efficient at reaching the intended audience”, “Likely efficient at reaching the intended audience”. Social media and new media can be considered more efficient than traditional media when it comes to younger audiences.

Frequency of the dissemination of the hate message

Here you should look into how many times the speaker has repeated the hate message. The answer options are: “Single time dissemination”, “Moderate frequency of dissemination”, “High frequency of dissemination”.