The toolkit was developed through the project ‘We CAN for Human Rights Speech’ ran February 2020 April 2022. The project aimed to:

  • to help organisations and young activists fighting hate speech to become more efficient by providing them user friendly tools (developed via evidence based research and simplified and updated previous materials generated by the No Hate Speech Youth Campaign) and with trainings;
  • to consolidate the cooperation among these organisations and activists at the European level and help them in developing new partnerships with social media companies, other networks of NGOs and national authorities.

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This project is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020) and the Council of Europe. This website represents the views of the author only and is their sole responsibility. The European Commission and the Council of Europe do not accept any responsibility for the use that may be made of the information it contains.

 Who was behind the project? 

The "WE CAN for human rights speech" project was implemented by a consortium led by the Council of Europe's No Hate Speech and Co-operation Unit which supports member states and NGOs to address hate speech, hate crime and discrimination through a range of co-operation projects. 

Council of Europe Inclusion and Anti-discrimination Division  


ActiveWatch is member of the No Hate Speech Movement (NHSM) national committee in Romania and has gained extensive experience with monitoring hate speech. Their annual national report on hate speech provides qualitative content analysis of the hate narratives and its potential impact on the state of human rights and democracy in the country.


APICE is the national coordinating organisation of the NHSM national committee in Italy. Since the publication of ‘We CAN!’, they have led three successful European trainings based on the manual and several national trainings, among others funded via Erasmus+. Together with the organisations of the national committee, Amnesty International Italy and others, they have rolled out online counter narrative campaigns responding to hate incidents.


CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe stands with people of all backgrounds to promote a Europe of diversity and respect. With over 25 years of experience in the field of anti-discrimination education and advocacy, CEJI offers specific trainings on unconscious bias, religious diversity, overcoming antisemitism and overcoming islamophobia. Through the Facing Facts project series, that aims to improve responses to hate crime and hate speech in Europe, the staff developed a unique expertise in facilitating multi-stakeholder co-operation across a diverse range of communities.

Facing Facts   

Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen e.V.  (NdM), is the coordinating organisation of the NHSM national committee in Germany. NdM developed expertise in design of long-term counter narrative strategies. With a successful media strategy in place the organisation also developed expertise in responding to hate comments on their channels.

Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen  

The project furthermore seeks to engage with national committees of the No Hate Speech Movement, European Network NGO’s and other members engaged in the EU High Level group on combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance.