Project of the Vocational Secondary School “Tehnička škola-centar za kontinuirano obrazovanje odraslih”:
School Environment for Inclusive Learning and Free Time Activities

Project specific objectives:
  • To develop and implement programs focused at better integration of pupils from rural areas and deprived environment and create simulative environment for learning within school building
  • To improve cooperation with parents of pupils who are at risk of marginalization or exclusion.
  • To increase teachers' competencies
Project’s main activities:
Creating work plan and program for:
  • children who travel daily from distant parts of Bor Municipality,
  • children who rent rooms or live in the dormitory,
  • children from deprived environment,
  • children with some slight disorders.


Organize work with the target group
  • Prepare material and activities for individualized work
  • Select teachers who will work with children before and after regular classes
  • Select teachers who will cooperate with parents. Follow pupilsʹ achievements on regular basis.
Adapting a classroom
  • For realization of project’s activities it is necessary to adapt and equip one classroom according to the needs of pupils from the target group. Pupils from target groups and teachers will design and adapt the room. By including pupils in all activities, from preparing to adapt the room to realization of activities, pupils will see this room as their own. They can, as well, equally participate with school staff in designing various programs that will be conducted in this room.
Creating plan of cooperation with parents (about 150)
  • Special focus will be on:
    • - building cooperation with the parents of children at high risk of marginalization and exclusion through:
    • - raising awareness of importance of education,
    • - the need of parental involvement in children’s education
    • - solving problems connected with learning,
    • - organizing meetings, lectures, workshops for parents,
  • Planned topics are:
    • - adolescence,
    • - learning strategies and techniques,
    • - nonviolent problem solving,
    • - addiction disease,
    • - rules for successful communication,
    • - behaviour classroom rules.
Increasing teachers' competencies through seminars
  • Work with children from marginalized groups – 30 teachers,
  •  Educational support for children from sensitive groups – 30 teachers,
  •  Methodology and support for children with developmental difficulties for professional development – 30 teachers;
Two peer learning activities:
  • Peer learning with vocational secondary school in Vršac: visit to inclusive classes and joint workshop will include 30 pupils, 20 teachers, director and pedagogue
  • Peer learning - visit to Gymnasium “Svetozar Marković”, in Novi Sad, exchange of experience related to teaching methodologies that will include 25 teachers, pedagogue and director.
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: 63 pupils who travel daily from distant parts of Bor Municipality, 12 pupils that rent rooms or live in the dormitory (10 pupils), 67 pupils from deprived environment (67 pupils), 14 pupils with some slight disorders,  age 14 to 19 - 40% of all pupils in our school.
  • Indirect beneficiaries: all other pupils, teachers and wider local community.