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Project of the  Vocational Secondary School “Moša Pijade”:

Project specific objectives:
  • To start applying inclusive education in the school;
  • To bring closer the systematization of the school to inclusion;
  • To improve the teaching staff skills and knowledge in the school;
  • To improve the conditions at the school;
  • To raise awareness of the local community;
  • To open school for differences and accepting all the pupils;
  • To gain special help of special education teacher.
Project’s main activities:
Raising awareness
  • Preparing Newsletter and Practicum
  • Organizing a public conference on inclusive education
  • A guest performance on TV and radio to promote the project
  • Making logo of the project and its internet promotion
  • Marking National Health Day, World Autism Day and other important dates which will be defined.
  • Visit, exhibition, donations, workshops and similar modest activities
  • Meetings with the local business community on possibilities of employment
Creating inclusive school environment
  • A room will be renovated and prepared for special activities:  for an individual work with pupils and parents, workshops with pupils, parents and teachers, mediation. It will be equipped with the means and materials necessary for applied inclusive classes (electronic equipment printer digital camera, LCD projector etc.)
  • Getting specialized literature for the school library
Building capacity
  • Trainings employees for working with children with special educational needs:
    • - Work with pupils who can’t reach the requested level as well as talented pupils;
    • - Work with pupils who have social-emotional problems and dissatisfactory behaviour;
    • - Workshop with teachers: Making an individual educational plan and its implementation;
    • - What qualifications should the inclusive teacher possess;
    • - Adapting learning materials to children with special educational needs.
  • Training teachers for creative and contemporary teaching:
    From chosen mentor, teachers will learn how to work with pupils with lower grades, talented, with mental difficulties and similar. They will use the renovated room and its equipment. Training is based on a survey among the teachers on suitable trainings;
  • A workshop for improving the collaboration with the parents: All parents will be informed on the project at parents’ meetings. Parents who will take part and trainers/mentors for the workshops with parents will be selected.
  • Engaging new employees for inclusion practices:
    • - two external associates (Macedonian and Albanian)
    • - special education teacher will follow the activities of teachers during the inclusion practice:
    • - the realization of the activities with pupils and teachers
Exchange of experiences:
  • Visiting elected schools with good inclusive practice in Macedonia and in the region;
  • Participating in seminars, conferences and training;
  •  Sharing gained experience with others.
Presenting supervisory classes of the vocational activities in the school
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: the school, teaching staff, children at higher risk of marginalization and exclusion, parents of children at higher risk of marginalization and exclusion, all 1264 pupils,  50 teachers, 76 parents
  • Indirect beneficiaries: Local community, Government, state, all the parents of our pupils