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Project of the Vocational Secondary School “Boro Petruševski”:
Unlimited School 4 You

Project specific objectives:
  • To increase parents’ involvement in the school activities by raising awareness on importance of their presence in child’s education;
  • To improve the school conditions for better inclusive practices;
  • To train teachers to be inclusive teachers and adjust curricular activities to the needs of the pupils;
  • To raise the awareness of inclusion among VET schools in our country.
Project’s main activities:
Increasing parents’ involvement in school activities
  • Informing parents about the project Unlimited school 4 you
  • Questionnaire for receiving feedback about new ideas;
  • Providing parents to feel comfortable, welcome and important for success of their children;
Improving school’s conditions for better inclusive practices
  • Reconstruction and adaptation of a classroom;
  • Equipment and interior supplying.
Building capacity
  • Training for teachers with accredited trainer;
  • Adjusting curricular activities based on the needs of the pupils;
  • Visit to an  inclusive school: gaining new practices and peer learning activities
Raising awareness on inclusion
  • Promoting inclusion among VET schools in the country.
  • Promoting inclusion among pupils and schools by organizing conference in our premises
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries:
    • - about 600 pupils: advanced pupils,
    • - pupils with difficulties for following the classes,
    • - Roma pupils,
    • - pupils from rural regions and pupils with special education needs
    • - school (new equipment and improved condition for inclusion),
    • - all 93 teachers
    • - parents of the first and second year pupils  parents
  • Indirect beneficiaries:
    • - 12 VET schools, the vocational education in general,
    • - Sector of education and science 5 members: 3 advisers and 2 managers,
    • - municipality,
    • - business sector  - more than 10 companies
    • - society.