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Project of the Secondary mixed school “Bećo Bašić”:
Be In (Clusive)!

Project specific objectives:
  • To improve multiethnic harmony/relation of ethnical groups in the school and community, promotion of multiethnic characteristics;
  • To achieve greater level of inclusion of all the marginalized groups, especially of pupils who belong to lower economic classes.
  • To increase the level of parents’ participation in the school work;
  • To improve cooperation with primary schools and local community;
  • To streghten teachers’ education on this topic through seminars and workshops.
Project’s main activities:
Living together room
  • A spacious room will be adapted for activities of pupils, teachers and parents of Montenegrin and Albanian nationality.  Teachers and parents will arrange and decorate it with different kinds of paintings and bilingual messages on the walls about differences that are jewels of both cultures. All activities will be organized in this room.
A video-beam display of bilingual presentations
  • Presentations of activities and news in the school will be displayed at the Living together room. This presentation will be on Montenegrin- Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and Albanian Language.  The pupils will update and translate this presentation into both languages.
Week of Multiculturalism

Different activities for pupils and parents of both nationalities will be organized during this week.

  • Ethnic presentations
    • - Pupils and their parents will present themselves with their traditional clothes, cuisine, music and dances, performing the plays in both languages.
  • Ecological activities for pupils
    Pupils will:
    •  - paint the parts of school yard with bilingual messages;
    • - make leaflets as the part of the programme for fighting addiction problems.
Aid for the pupils of lower economic status
  • Getting a copy machine for copying the books for the pupils who are not able to buy them.
Education for  teachers, parents and pupils
  • Educational themes for teachers will be:
    • - Intercultural education
    • - Managing a class
    • - Working with the pupils with special education needs
  • Educational themes for the Parents Council members will be on Interculturalism
  • Workshops for pupils “Differences are our treasure”
Open Door Day - for pupils and parents

Open Door Day activities will enable  pupils and parents to get more information about the school and its offers:

  • leaflets,
  • posters,
  • TV programmes,
  • wall paintings and graffiti,
  • media coverage
Public Promotions of inclusion:
  • Distributing the leaflets, T-shirts, pens and notebooks on the shelves in the centre of the town. This is just one of activities of public promotions that will be implemented by the school.
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: 750 pupils, 100 parents and  60 teachers
  • Indirect beneficiaries: social partners, community members  and other’s by expanding consciousness  about the importance of social inclusion and equality.