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Project of the Primary school  “Vasil Glavinov”:
Inclusive School Tailored By Pupils’ Needs

Project specific objectives:
  • To provide teachers with necessary theoretical and practical support for excellent inclusive work with various pupils categories. This would be a solid base for further teachers’ self-development, strongly influencing on other schools as well;
  • To  improve working conditions with  reconstruction of particular offices where pupils of various categories would spend more pleasant moments with their teachers;
  • To improve working conditions with provision of educational, technology and didactic materials which would make the inclusive process fun, enjoyable and a lot easier.
Project’s main activities:
Professional development of teachers
  • One-day training for 40 teachers on  Working with gifted and talented pupils
  • Collecting appropriate literature and examples of good practice from experiances of resident teachers and preparation of the manual to be practically used by all school teachers
  • Two-day training for 110 teachers, divided into 4 working groups, on Working with pupils with development difficulties
  • Individual and group work with the following categories of pupils and their parents:
    • - Pupils with behavior problems and problems in creating social connections,
    • - Pupils with low self-esteem, pupils with emotional problems (stress, frustrations),
    • - Violent pupils or pupils – victims of violence
  • Providing tests, indicators, instruments, questionnaires on work with vulnerable categories of pupils and gifted and talented pupils as well as pupils with development difficulties
Providing educational technology
  • For all mentioned activities it would be necessary to provide: Photocopier, didactic materials, 6 white boards, LCD projector, laser printer
Construction activities:
  • Replacement of old window construction in the office of the professional service and in the office of the educator of children with disabilities
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: 30 pupils with disabilities , 110 teachers, 6 members of school management, 300 pupils from VII and VIII grade, 120 gifted and talented pupils
  • Indirect beneficiaries: 60 parents of  pupils with disabilities, 600 parents of  pupils from VII and VIII grade , 240 parents of gifted and talented pupils, 50 000 members of local community, the Ministry of Education