Project of the Primary School “Tringë Smajli”:
Together for an inclusive school

Specific project’s objectives:
  • To increase involvement of children with special needs in school;
  • To increase parents’ active involvement in school life;
  • To draft internal school policies in regard to parents’ involvement and support provided to children with special needs;
  • To improve teacher’s professional development.
Project’s main activities:
Awareness campaign:
  • Organising workshop in order to present the project “Together for an Inclusive School”, its activities and basic elements of inclusive education to:
    - teachers,
    - parents,
    - pupils,
    - community members,
    - representatives from District Education Directory and NGO’s.

Creating a positive climate in the school through:
  • Training teachers on:
    • - Communication as a  key of success for relationships between teachers, parents and pupils
    • - Management of aggressive attitude and children’s conflicts
  • Training parents on:
    • - Communication as a key of success for relationships between parents, teachers and children
Raising the capacity  of the school staff
  • Three trainings for teachers:
    • - The process of identification and intervention with children with special needs in learning;
      - Children’s motivation through the process of  getting to know their own individuality and encouragement of  self-esteem;
      - Main elements of a Summer School-an education oasis during summer holidays
Peer Learning: Sharing experiences with “Ali Podrimja” school in Bajram Curri
  • Learning from positive experience of the “Ali Podrimja”school in regard of individual/ group support to pupils with special needs and other pupils.

  • Teachers, pupils and parents will meet to share new ideasand discuss improvements for action plans

Raising awareness of children’s right and the importance of their involvement:
  • International day of children’s right, November 20th;

  • Exhibition  of children with special needs

Creating friendly and welcoming environment at school
  • Infrastructure improvements of the school, such as:

    - placing  a school ramp at the school entrance;
    - painting the outdoor school façade;
    - decorating the school's enterier;
    - Children’s week We are all equal, on June 1

All including activities:
  • Organising sport activities for children with special needs; children’s work exhibition, concert with songs, dances, poems, etc.
Project’s target groups:
  • Direct beneficiaries: 100 children with special need and the rest of school pupils (430); 28 teachers and parents.
  • Indirect beneficiaries: school, community and Education Department.