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Project of the Primary School "Strasho Pingjur":
Although we are different, we are all equal

Specific project’s objectives
  • To reduce pupils absences among Roma pupils and thus improve their educational progress;
  • To increase family involvement in school life;
  • To develop practices of successful inclusion of pupils with learning difficulties;
  • To develop practices of educational progress of gifted pupils.
Project’s main activities:
Identification of  pupils:
  • pupils with learning difficulties,
  • Roma pupils that need help in learning,
  • Gifted pupils - the target group of the project.

Identification process consist of:

  • interviewing the teachers,
  • insight into pedagogical documentation,
  • IQ testing.

The results will be used to make groups for workshops and training.

Learning Space - adapting a classroom for project activities
  • The classroom for project activities will be equipped with all necessary educational tools:  cork board, white board, projector, projector screen, math manipulative, magnets, posters, alphabet aid, paper – white and in colour, geometric shapes and mimeo device – device that turns white board into smart table. Teacher trainings, workshops with parents and regular classes (if needed) will be organized in the Learning Space.
Workshops for teachers:
  • Developing Individual Learning Plan for working with pupils with learning difficulties,
  • Teaching methods for working with pupils with learning difficulties in regular classes
  • Working with gifted pupils.

There will be 3 workshops x 4 days each.

Peer to peer support classes
  • Pupils will help Roma pupils in upper primary grades to overcome language problems and barriers which they are still having. This activity is essential for their inclusion in regular classes of all subjects. Pupils who will help them have good results and will voluntary apply for this activity. They will provide for them:
  • - 28 classes for reading and writing  

  • - 28 classes for math

The classes will be held every week and be supervised by teachers. In total there will be 56 peers for peer classes.

Workshops for  parents:
  • 8 workshops for parents of Roma pupils on the importance and necessity of education for better future of their children
  • 4 workshops including all parents on finding ways how can parents take part in the school’s life
  • A monthly meeting – “Let’s have a coffee together” – where parents can talk with teachers in an informal environment. In total, there will be 7 meetings.
  • We will organize three great events – bazaars, where parents and local community can take part. The bazaars will be organized on the occasion of marking special dates:  Schools’ day, Easter and Eid.
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: pupils with learning difficulties, Roma pupils, gifted pupils, faculty, staff, parents, in total 600
  • Indirect beneficiaries: all pupils and local community, in total 1000