Project of the Primary school “Mustafa Pećanin”:
Social inclusion - an opportunity for learning

Specific project’s objectives:
  • To create the conditions for better understanding of  inclusion among children, parents, school staff and wider community
  • To create an overall improvement of inclusive atmosphere in the school and local community
  • To improve involvement of parents, communities and the Pupils Parliament through „Uključionica"- Join Now Classroom. The activities  held in the Join Now Classroom, will be open to all: parents, educators, teachers, children, children with special needs
Project’s main activities:
Media coverage of promotional activities provided by:
  • Public Service "Radio Rožaje" whose frequencies cover municipalities: Rožaje, Berane, Petnjica and Bijelo Polje
  • SUN TV Bijelo Polje.
  • Local TV Apr (on held exhibitions)
  • Daily newspaper "Pobjeda",
  • Daily Newspaper "Vijesti" 
  • Preparation of promotional materials (t-shirts, badges, posters, etc.).
Equipping the „Join Now Classroom”- “Uključionica”

Join Now Classroom will be a place for teaching and extra curricular activities for improving the quality of school’s inclusiveness. All stakeholders will meet here and share ideas, knowledge and skills on increasing the level of inclusion and decreasing the marginalization. Pedagogue will coordinate the entire process and be responsible for the room. The room will equipped with teaching aids, chart board, printer, computer, slide projector, audio techniques, didactic material and similar.

An interactive event for parents on themes:
  • Join now and meet the school.
  • Take active part in the work of the school
  • Be active - contribute to the development and implementation of the annual plan of schools, parent councils, organized trips and excursions, as well as school events.

The event will be organized in UKLJUĆIONICA-JOIN NOW ROOM and coordinated by the project team members.  Parents will be informed on project's activities and learn about the inclusion in general. Children and community members will attend the event as well

Public Art workshops  for children:
  • Respect the  Diversity
  • Do not judge

Children will promote inclusion or children’s rights by painting with chalk on asphalt of the main city square, or flip chart. Their works will be preserved and displayed in the school hall. Participants are Student Parliament members, parents, all interested.

Games without borders and a Quiz game "Meet your region"

These competitive events will involve all stakeholders. Necessary equipment will be provided: shirts, balls, hula hop circles, bags, balloons, cones, ropes for pulling. Prizes for winners are symbolic.

Career Day

Parents of different background, dressed in working uniforms with working tools, will present their professions at school. This event is planned to be an interactive, parents will be answering on children’s questions of their interest.

Course of weaving, knitting, sewing and exhibition of hand-made items

This activity will strengthen the sense of community and inclusiveness, as children with motor disabilities, for whom this activity will be some form of rehabilitation, will also be included. Parents who are poorly involved should also take part, by giving instruction to children on traditional techniques and supporting the Children’s show at the main city square, afterwards. Hand-made items will be exhibited.

Marking World Day of Environment Protection, June 5, by:
  • Campaign "Join in and live with the  nature" - children emphasising the community role for the environment preservation
  • Preparing promotional material and it’s presentation, by the Pupils’ Parliament and less involved parents
New years programme

This activity will include parents, teachers and children. Several parents who are less involved will take part as authors of scenario of the programme or drama sequences.

Project evaluation with media coverage:

Parents, children and teachers will be the guests of TV shows, while information photos on  the entire project will be publicly shared through daily newspapers

Project’s closure celebration with a  group trip

Parents, teachers and children will pay a visit to the other school which took part in the project

Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: Children with special educational needs, gifted pupils and other pupils in our school and parents who are poorly or not at all involved or included into school work and the creation of teaching
  • Indirect beneficiaries: Parents, teachers and the wider community: Kindergarten, Health center, Social welfare center.