Project of the Primary School “Ali Podrimja”:
All together for a friendly school

Specific project’s objectives:
  • To improve the relationships of parents, teachers, pupils and community so that each student can develop its potential;
  • To increase the level of awareness among local authorities about the problems plaguing the school;
  • To increase the involvement of all pupils in activities that enhance their school performance and improve their development, especially of those who face social problems, have learning difficulties
Project’s main activities:
Awareness campaign:
  • Three Roundtables will gather 75 participants - teachers, pupils, parents and community members - to discuss challenges and problems in efforts to create a friendlier and more inclusive school, effective joint solutions and potential resources.
  • Local TV will broadcast presentation of project and its activities;
  • School newspaper (100 copies) will be issued every two months, sharing information on inclusion and improvements toward more inclusive school. The first edition will inform the project’s participants how to contribute to its successful implementation.
  • Choosing the best essay on theme "How I understand inclusion", written by the pupils of upper grades.  This will be followed by discussions on inclusion and what should teachers, parents and pupils do to ensure a welcoming and inclusive school.
  • Exhibition of paintings and drawings on inclusion will include all pupils. This is an opportunity for all those who might find it difficult to express their ideas, beliefs and expectations through an essay.
Capacity building:
  • Three one-day trainings -  30 teachers, 30 parents and 30 pupils will discuss on inclusion in class,  family and school;
  • Open Classes on theme ''How do teachers realize inclusion in class'' at all school levels. Teachers and parents will discuss strengths and effectiveness of inclusive teaching methods, practices and give recommendations for improvement.
Peer learning activity:
  • 5 teachers, 5 parents and community members and 5 pupils will exchange experience with "Lef Sallata" primary school in Vlora. They will develop a plan of cooperation for improving positive inclusive practices, especially for providing support to children with learning difficulties, disabilities or any kind of social and economic problems.
Creating inclusive school environment, especially for children with learning difficulties, social or economic problems, by:
  • Enriching the school library with 200 books, with arrangement and extending working hours after school;
  • Equipping multifunctional hall with musical instruments and painting tools for recreation, therapy purpose and talent development. All children can use it during or even after school, with the support of teachers and parents; 
  • Forming sports teams (football, volleyball, basketball, and gymnastics) and providing technical and material support for the development of after school activities. These teams will encourage participation of vulnerable children. 
Organising entertaining activities for specific events with involving all pupils, teachers, parents and community members.
  • Let's celebrate together Our School’s Day- 19 November
  • International Day of Children's Rights - 20 November;
  • Olympic Day at school with the participation of all pupils in all organized activities;
  • Children's Festival with songs and drama/plays related to exclusion and inclusion in school and community;
  • The stylist and fashion designer':  pupils design, sew 21 skirts for different school’s artistic groups.
Environmental activities:
  • Working meeting The Right for a Clean and Healthy Environment will gather all stakeholders in joint efforts, solutions;
  • Workshop A clean environment educates children with love for Nature, Earth and everything that surrounds them;
  • Planting trees in the school yard and beyond - joint action of stakeholders, with the trees ensured by community partners.
Our culture, our identity, diversity and behaviour:
  • Older pupils will identify  aspects of culture influencing our behaviour and lack of understanding, by filling the form on culture
  • Pupils will present themselves through drawings “I am’’, which will be exhibited in the school hallways.
Closure of the project:
  • Celebration and ceremonial presentation of the project with display of recorded moments: project activities, reflections, lessons learned, evaluations and recommendations for improvement of work in the future.
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: 499 pupils (6-16 year old), 28 teachers, parents;
  • Indirect beneficiaries: school, community, future generations and pupils of other schools.