General Secondary School “Tanasije Pejatović” Project:
Let’s Open the Door

Specific project’s objectives
  • To raise awareness and increase the understanding  of pupils, school personnel, parents, representatives of the local government and the whole local community of the importance and benefits of inclusion in education;
  • To improve educational process and  inclusive  practices through sharing experience, ideas and good practices with colleagues and pupils in the region;
  • To educate pupils for life in a democratic society, as well as about the importance of respecting human rights, children’s rights, equality, tolerance and respecting differences;
  • To motivate pupils to take an active part in the life of the local community, by developing  empathy, compassion, awareness of the importance of taking care of others.
Project’s main activities:
Establishing a school radio   
  • School radio will cover all the things happening in the school, especialy activities of the project on inclusion “Let’s open the door”. Programme will be broadcasted three times a week, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m and be set up online.Five teachers, including the editors, will volunteer to coordinate the work of the radio and advice pupils when needed. Guests will be pupils, teachers, representatives of the local community, parents, psychologists and similar. At least once a month, themes will be on inclusion, such as: What inclusion is, Why it is important, How to make our school more inclusive. Part of the school programe will be emitted on the local Radio Pljevlja for raising awarenes of parents andlocal community on schools events. As the school has an excellent cooperation with the local radio and TV station, they will advertise School radio and its programme. Parents will be informed how they can listen to it and participate in its work at parents-teachers meeting.
School newspaper
  • It will cover the projects activities and give all pupils and parents an opportunity to be moreinvolvedin school’s life. Pupils, former pupils, teachers, school administration, parents and the local community will participate in its preparing and publishing.
School website will be regulary updated with informations on all project’s activities
A school informer and promotional materials (posters) will promote the project, new school’s logo and motto which will reflect  understanding and commitment to specific inclusive values.
Inclusion Week - Universal Children's Day, November 20:
  • Contest “My school – inclusive school”: the best essays, paintings and photographs, in each category two authors will receive diplomas and rewards. Reward for the first prize is a tablet computer and a camera for the second prize. A jury consisted of three members will decide on the rewards;
  • Seminar: “Educational policy in inclusive education”. The participants will be teachers, Parents’ Council members and local community representatives - members of the local government. The educators at the seminar will be psychologists Milojka Nenadić Crnogorac and Ljiljana Dešević.
Workshops for pupils, teachers and the local community
  • Different aspects of inclusion, in October.
  • Different types of personalities and different learning styles, in March.
Election campaign for Pupils Parliament

So far, pupils were not aware of Pupils Parliament’s role and its activities. This will change elections for the Pupils Parliament, inaugural session of the Parliament will to be attended by teachers, representatives of parents and the local community. School radio station will cover all these activities, as well as the work of the Parliament and all the actions it implements.            

Peer learning and exchange of experience: 10 teachers and 15 pupils will visit the Fourth Gymnasium in Sarajevo. 

The pupils will stay with host families.  Pupils will learn about the programmes of Gymnasium: Active Young People and Pupils Exchange Programme with Germany. The pupils and teachers will spread the ideas and values of inclusive education of their school in Pljevlja. Both schools will exchange innovative ideas and put into practice. The pupils from both schools will make a short film We value and embrace diversity.

School play with the aim of raising funds for school will serve as a role model for future fundraising actions.

Teachers, parents and pupils will prepare and perform a school play, collecting money through selling the tickets for the play.

Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: pupils, school personnel, parents
  • Indirect beneficiaries: local community,  Montenegrin education system