Project of the General Secondary School “Svetozar Marković”:
We Have the Talent/ Mi Imamo Talenat / Mi Tehetsegesek

Specific project’s objectives
  • To empower employees’ capacity to assist talented and exceptional pupils of the school;
  • To enriche intellectual development climate of the school;
  • To additionaly assist to the pupils with restricted movement – handrail at the entrance of the building.
Project’s main activities:
Work with talented/ exceptional pupils:
  • Education for 30 employees Identifying and working with gifted pupils
  • Peer Learning: 8 members of the project team and 2 representatives of Pupils’s Parliament will exchange good practices with schools participating in the project, by:
    • - Visiting Technical School in Bor, Serbia,
    • - Visiting Gymnasium in Split, Croatia.

They will talk about examples from inclusive practices, inclusive culture range and school policy managing and discuss topics :

  • - What are privileges in our school
  • - Who are privileged in our school.

Good inclusive practices will be inserted into annual working plan for the next school year. Gained experiance will progressively changeschool’s policy according to learned/experienced.

  • Instruments for identification of gifted pupils and their talents will be defined
  • Two  tribunes for parents of gifted pupils: experts from the field will explain best approaches in rising and working with pupils and giving the most adequate support
Exceptional Corner:
  • equipping and reconstruction of computer network on the second floor of the school will create  stimulating surrounding for work and research for talented and gifted pupils by
  • - Two movies about talented pupils: promotion of true values and knowledge will be produced and recorded by pupils involved in project with mentoring of teachers
Region of Intercultural – organization and execution of activities for pupils, on both languages
  • Survay on pupils’s perception of inclusion because of bilingualism, trhough questionarre drafted by school psychologist and implemented at the beggining and at the end of project activities.
  • Fieldtrip to cultural institutions, religious buildings and local government, with pupils of Serbian and Hungarian classes.
  • Popularization of school international competition Genius  among pupils of Serbian classes.
  • is pupils’s research competition of  international character , whose host, for the past 12 years, has been the Gymnasium “Svetozar Markovic” , in Novi Sad. Every year one of the group of contestants are pupils from Hungary too. Previously, conference included only work in Hungarian language, but since last year it has participants that listen classes on Serbian language too
  • Inclusive bilingual drama workshops for all interested pupils
    Main focus of workshop will be interaction of pupils attending classes in Serbian language and pupils attending in Hungarian language, as the biggest issue in their interaction is language. Theme of these drama workshops would be:
    • - Whether or not language is connecting or disconnecting
    • - What meeting of two or more languages can contribute

Workshops will use techniques of drama and play and result in the end with the play premier. Coordinator of drama workshops and assistants are professional actors and drama pedagouges: Hristina Muratidu from Greece, Vesna Zdrnja from Novi Sad and Armin Joha Hadzimusic, from Bosnia and Hercegovina .

Adaptation of school grounds –  handrail at the main and pupils entrance
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: About 3 to 5% out of 1116 pupils are talented / exceptional pupils, 10 teachers working with talented pupils. In intercultural activities there will be 320 pupils and 9 teachers
  • Indirect beneficiaries: Parents, Local community, Institutions with whom we cooperate(visits of pupils)