Project of the General Secondary School Gjimnazi “Ismail Qemali”:
Cooperation among pupils, parents and teachers produces success for school, family and community
and prevents violence and conflicts

Specific project’s  objectives:
  • To improve parent-teacher-student communication and cooperation for a more inclusive school;
  • To increase awareness and active involvement of parents, teachers, pupils, local government in the school life, especially of parents and pupils at higher risk of marginalization and exclusion;
  • To create a friendly and welcoming school climate.
Project’s main activities:
Awareness campaign
  • Two workshops on the project and inclusion with 70 participants: teachers, parents, pupils, local authorities and Tirana Education directory.
  • 1500 leaflets on the project distributed to, families, community and school.
  • Posters on parental involvement, parent-teacher-student cooperation and an inclusive school- made and distributed by pupils;
  • School newspaper will be issued every three months by pupils, with the support of teachers and parents. It will reflect issues of high interest for pupils, parents and teachers. Newspaper will inform on project activities and free inclusion initiatives as well;
  • School website will update information on project activities and progress toward a more inclusive school.
Capacity building:
  • Training teachers and parents on effective communication techniques and methods of parental involvement in school.  Special attention will be given to the parents of pupils at higher risk of marginalization. This activity will improve communication and cooperation among pupils, parents and teachers.
Activities for friendlier and welcoming school environment
  • The consultation process on school regulations and curricula will consist of :
  • - Meetings and discussions with all the stakeholders: parents, pupils, teachers and others;
  • - Distributing documents on  internal regulation and a summary of the school curricula to parents, pupils, teachers and other community members, by e-mail or in hard copy
  • - Collecting ideas, suggestions and recommendations for improved version of documents
  • - The new regulation will be displayed in the main school premises and on the school website. 
Awareness and advocacy campaign against bulling:
  • The aim of this campaign is to create a friendlier and welcoming school, where everyone feels safe and respected. It is expected to improve communication, prevent and resolve conflicts. The participants of the campaign will be: the Pupils Government, Parent Council, as well as teachers, other pupils, parents and community members.

Activities of this campaign will be:

  • - Round table on diversity, violence, conflicts, bullying and effective ways of preventing and treating anti-social behaviour. Parents, teachers and pupils will take part in the round table.
  • - Training  Pupils’ Government and other pupils on effective communication and conflict resolution techniques
  • - Developing an action plan for improving communication, treatment, mitigation and resolution of conflicts of  pupils or between pupils and other stakeholders
  • - Preparation  and exposure of  posters by pupils with the theme: “Violence is not the solution to a problem”;
  • - Artistic Activity with theatrical parts (role playing), musical, humoristic sketches,  on the themes of violence and inclusion;
  • - Art exhibition "Born in this way":  all pupils are invited to express their ideas and thoughts on bullying and acceptance of oneself and others as they are. They will exhibit paintings, photographs, writings and poems.
Surveys at the end of project to measure the achieved progress toward set project’s objectives
Project’s target groups:
  • Direct beneficiaries: 262 vulnerable children with learning difficulties, economic problems, one parent or divorced parents, coming from rural areas, the other 1538 pupils, parents of all pupils, 72 teachers and school administrators. 
  • Indirect beneficiaries: the school, the community, Tirana Education Directory, Ministry of Education and Sports, Society.