HELP is a practical tool developed by the Council of Europe and aimed at enhancing the understanding of human rights standards among legal professionals, academics and civil society and at improving their application at the national level. HELP takes into account the legal professionals’ specific needs and the time pressure imposed on them in their daily work.

Following the success encountered in the South Programme III, which supported the launching of the HELP courses on violence against women and on trafficking in human beings as well as the training of the first Moroccan and Tunisian HELP tutors, the South Programme IV continues to promote the HELP courses in the Southern Mediterranean region. The programme contributes to an increased number of courses available in Arabic on the HELP platform such as those relating to prevention of radicalisation, child-friendly justice or European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) standards. Upon request, it also supports the contextualisation of HELP courses to languages, legislation and practices of beneficiaries of the region.

Ahmed Banasr, Coordinator of forensic unit INJED, HELP tutor, Tunis (TU)

Mohamed Oukhlifa, Advocate General at the Court of Cassation, Rabat (MA)
HELP courses available in Arabic
News HELP in the Southern Mediterranean

HELP’s objective is to provide high quality training covering areas linked to human rights for judges, lawyers and prosecutors. HELP is :

  • The only pan-European Network of national training institutions for judges, prosecutors and lawyers in the 46 Council of Europe member States (and beyond).
  • An online training platform offering free online courses on human rights.
  • A human rights training methodology for legal professionals.

HELP online platform

Eva Pastrana, Head of the HELP Unit, Council of Europe

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