Since 2012, the South Programme seeks to foster co-operation, knowledge exchange and best practice sharing between the two rims of the Mediterranean, and as of South Programme III, it encourages more actively the collaboration between Southern Mediterranean beneficiaries. 

The South Programme IV aims to continue to promote regional networking and agenda-setting by engaging the largest possible number of beneficiaries and key stakeholders within the Southern Mediterranean region. In particular, the programme focuses on two pilot thematic strands: combating violence against women and girls and the fight against corruption, since they both have drawn a wide interest among beneficiaries and count on a strong expertise of a number of them, which is fundamental to support such regional networks.


 For more information on the Council of Europe action against violence towards women

 For more information on the Council of Europe action against economic crime and corruption


Photo: 4th Meeting of the Šibenik Network of Corruption Prevention Agencies supported by the Council of Europe (17-18 October 2019, Tunis) during which Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia joined the network

Council of Europe networks
The South Programme allowed representatives of the region to participate and actively contribute to existing networks of the Council of Europe, such as the UniDem Med (University for Democracy), the HELP Network, the Mediterranean School Survey Project on Alcohol and other drugs in Schools (MedSPAD), the Šibenik Network of Corruption Prevention Agencies or the Parliamentary network women free from violence of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.