The South Programme V

Protecting human rights, rule of law and democracy through shared standards in the Southern Mediterranean

The South Programme V is a joint initiative between the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE) for the period of 2022 – 2025, co-financed by the two organisations and implemented by the Council of Europe (EU : 89.99%, CoE : 10.01%)

It continues to support democratic reforms in the Southern Mediterranean with the aim to:  

  • Further enlarge the common legal space between Europe and the Southern Mediterranean: aligning national legislations with international standards through accession to Council of Europe conventions and provision of targeted legal advice with the Quick Response Mechanism (QRM).
  • Strengthen capacities to address global challenges through the development and use of common tools, strategies, and mechanisms in the region.
  • Reinforce co-operation and dialogue on human rights, rule of law and democracy through strengthened cooperation and peer-to-peer networking at regional level.
The South Programme V operates with:
  • Demand-driven approach: applied by the Council of Europe to co-operation with non-member-States ensuring that any intervention is designed at the request of beneficiaries and with their consent;
  • Flexibility and adaptability: to evolving needs and circumstances;
  • Multi-stakeholder approach: involving government structures, independent bodies/authorities, elected representatives and civil society to confront common issues;
  • Increased regional action: growing inspiration from the experience of beneficiaries, which have already engaged actively with Council of Europe standards, while duly considering each beneficiary specific needs;