judges and prosecutors trained by the capacity building programme on human rights for Moroccan magistrates in collaboration with the Head of Prosecutors’ Office


users of the HELP online training platform in the region. +100 certified HELP tutors in Morocco and Tunisia

9 HELP courses available in Arabic


senior public officials enhanced their capacities towards better quality and effectiveness of public administration and public services through the University for Democracy for the Southern Mediterranean (UniDem Med) seminars, held in cooperation with 7 national authorities

Building on the results of its previous phases and by making full use of the solid bilateral partnerships established with several institutions, the South Programme V seeks to reach out to more partners in the region, in particular relevant bodies and civil society organisations. Strengthening regional co-operation to support and facilitate sharing experience and good practices on their respective mandate will be key in this collaboration.


A useful tool developed by the Council of Europe is the European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) which aims at enhancing the understanding of human rights standards among legal professional, academics and civil society, and to improve their application at national level. After the success experienced under the South Programme III, which supported the launch of the HELP course on violence against women and on trafficking in human beings in Tunisia and Morocco, as well as the translation into Arabic of its module on data protection, the programme will be further enlarged to the region.

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