A new online course on access to justice for women now available

14 December 2018 Strasbourg

Achieving gender equality is a priority for the Council for Europe and its member states. It is also central to achieving the organisation’s mission: safeguarding human rights, upholding democracy and preserving the rule of law. Even if the legal status of women in Europe has improved during the...

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Regional conference on access to justice for women victims of violence in Eastern Partnership countries

17 October 2018 Strasbourg

The objective of the conference is to review progress made in the field of women’s access to justice in the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova), in the light of the principles of the Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention....

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EAP: compilation film overview of PGG projects

New film summarising the Council of Europe and European Union joint projects in the Eastern Partnership countries under the Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) programme.

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Second working group meeting for developing an online course on ensuring women’s access to justice

04 June 2018 Strasbourg

The second working group for the development of a HELP course (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) on Ensuring Women’s Access to Justice took place on 30-31 May 2018 in Strasbourg. It brought together a group of three legal experts with a e-learning designer, the regional project...

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Working group meeting to develop an online course on women's access to justice

6 April 2018 Strasbourg

A new e-learning course on women’s access to justice is being developed and will provide a tool for the promotion of gender-sensitive justice in the Council of Europe member states. On 28-29 March 2018, a group of experts from the United Kingdom, Georgia and the Republic Moldova came together...

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EAP: "What did we achieve?" in "Promoting Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship Education"

Short film about the results achieved by our project: "Promoting Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship Education in 6 Eastern partnership countries".

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EAP: Fighting cybercrime

This film presents the work of the regional Cybercrime@Eastern Partnership III project to improve public/private cooperation and the gathering of electronic evidence to fight cybercrime in Eastern Parternership countries. This was filmed on 19-20 September 2016 during the Second Regional Meeting...

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EAP: Women's access to justice

This film shows the EU/CoE actions to improve women’s access to justice in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. A regional conference was held on 24-25 October 2016 in Chisinau. It explored the current situation in the countries and how to integrate women’s rights,...

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EAP: strengthening democracy and local governance

21-23 June 2016 KYIV

Local public ethics, from vision to action, in the Eastern Partnership countries

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EAP: Parliamentary Assembly PCF projects

October 2016 Strasbourg

A new video produced by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe produced on their cooperation activities within the Programmatic Cooperation Framework (PCF)

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Regional meeting on international cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence

4 May 2018 Kyiv

A regional meeting on international cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence will take place at Fairmont Grand Hotel, in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 3-4 May 2018. International cooperation under the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime is wide in its scope, covering collection of electronic evidence...

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Regional Conference 2017 “Money in Politics”

18 July 2017 Tbilisi

Much has been achieved in the last twenty years to regulate and control who funds political parties and election campaigns, transparency has increased and accountability was strengthened. Of the recommendations issued by the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) of Council of Europe in the...

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Misuse of administrative resources during electoral processes: a major challenge for democratic elections - regional conference

25 september 2017 London

Next 9-10 November, Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) , Venice Commission and Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, will hold in London, England, a regional conference entitled “Misuse of administrative resources during electoral processes: a major challenge for democratic...

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Regional conference on strategies and tools for ethics and transparency at local levels

On 6-7 December 2017, a regional conference will be organised under the joint Council of Europe/EU project "Strengthening institutional frameworks for local governance" in Tbilisi, Georgia. The conference will bring together around 100 mayors and local elected representatives from Armenia,...

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Lessons learnt, assessing progress and moving forward in local self-governance

7 December 2017 Vienna

In a series of closing events under the Partnership for Good Governance’ Theme on Strengthening Institutional Frameworks for Local Governance, a regional meeting on "Monitoring and evaluation of programmes for professional development in local self governance" and a workshop on "E-learning...

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Mayors and councillors are the knots of the net of democracy

8 December 2017 Tbilisi

Opening the conference on “Ethics and transparency at local level: strategies and tools”, in Tbilisi, on 6 December 2017, Congress Secretary General Andreas Kiefer underlined the key elements for a successful local self-government: an adequate legislative framework, mayors and elected...

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Self-regulation of journalism in Eastern Partnership countries

8 December 2017 Tbilisi

On 15-16 December 2017, the Council of Europe will organise a regional conference on self-regulation of journalism. The event will be attended by the representatives of the self-regulatory bodies from the Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation. During the meeting the media...

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Regional conference on internet governance and digital agenda

6 December 2017 Chisinau

The multi-stakeholder approach to internet governance in Eastern Partnership countries and the role of the Council of Europe with respect to human rights on the internet were among the topics of the regional conference on internet governance and digital agenda organised by the Council of Europe...

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How can women's political empowerment be supported in Armenia?

28 November 2017 Yerevan

A round table entitled “Women’s voice and leadership in politics: Armenian perspective” was organised as part of the Partnership for Good Governance Programme co-funded by the European Union and Council of Europe, in cooperation with the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and civil...

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More women in politics means less men in politics

10 November 2017 Baku

“The message to women is clear, but what is the message to men?” was one of the emerging questions during a lively and open discussion amongst representatives from local and national authorities, political parties, civil society organisations and media, during the presentation of the Azerbaijani...

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