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Back First meeting of Cross-border Complaints Commission for Eastern Partnership countries

First meeting of Cross-border Complaints Commission for Eastern Partnership countries

With the support of the joint European Union/Council of Europe Partnership for Good Governance regional project "Promote Professional Journalism by Supporting Regional Network of Self-regulatory Bodies" the first meeting of the Commission to Confront Propaganda, a consultative body for cross-border media complaints took place on 14 September 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Commission was established in 2016 by the Network of Self-Regulatory Bodies of six Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia. The meeting in Kyiv gathered eleven participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation.

The mandate of the Commission to Confront Propaganda is to consider complaints on media from any of the seven countries operating in another country of the region. As part of it first meeting, it discussed five cross-border complaints from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine on publications which, according to their initiators, disseminate hate speech, discrimination, racism and xenophobia. The discussion was based on regulations and recommendations adopted by the national self-regulatory bodies, which are members of the network.

As a result the commission will issue opinions that have recommendatory character, provide guidance and set standards corresponding to the commonly accepted principles of journalism ethics. Once finally approved in October 2017, the opinions shall be published by both the network and the national self-regulatory bodies.

kyiv 20 september 2017
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Specific objective 1: review media legislation and regulation to bring these in line with European standards including ethical standards for media professionals.

Indicator: national legislation and media regulation is in compliance with European standards, notably in the following areas: public-service broadcasting; independence of broadcasting regulators; access to public information; concentration and transparency of media ownership; freedom of expression, including on the Internet, in at least 3 of 6 target countries.


Specific objective 2: support the implementation of legal frameworks, including remedial actions.

Indicator: public service, media governance and management are assessed and measures are taken to align them with Council of Europe standards.


Specific objective: promote the safety of journalists.

Indicator: awareness of CoE standards, in particular Articles 2 and 10 of ECHR, among members of parliaments is increased.