Workshop on gender stereotypes in media reporting

Tbilisi 18 May 2017
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Workshop on gender stereotypes in media reporting

The Council of Europe held two day workshop for the journalists and young students studying at various local universities the mass communication. The event was dedicated to the problems related to the gender stereotypes in media reporting. The workshop has been organised by the Council of Europe within EU funded project on “Promoting freedom, professionalism and pluralism of the media”.

During the event the CoE experts broadly explained the meaning of the discrimination as well as the definition and types of equality. Specific cases concerning the gender stereotypes in media have been actively discussed during the workshop. As a result of the discussion the most frequent types of the stereotypes have been identified and discussed the ways how to encounter these problems. The review of the best European practices along with the decisions delivered by the charter of journalistic ethics made a significant contribution to the discussion. Finally the Coe experts together with the participants identified the basic principles which should be included in the guideline for the journalists while covering the issues related to the gender. In the nearest future the charter will present the draft of the guideline which will be reviewed by the experts and later approved by the council of the journalistic charter.