Launch of the project "Further support to penitentiary reform in Ukraine"

DG I: Criminal Law Cooperation Unit Ukraine 2 July 2015
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Launch of the project

A new project, financed by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe, which aims to move the Ukrainian penitentiary system from a punitive to a rehabilitative approach, is being launched in Kyiv on 3 July at the Radisson Hotel in Yaroslaviv Val. The three-year project has a budget of 1 million euros and will set up pilot programmes in 6 selected prisons. This project is part of the Programmatic Cooperation Framework between the European Union and Council of Europe.

“We want to bring Ukrainian prisons up to European standards, ensuring that time in prison is a road to reintegration into society, not a descent into reoffending”, said Tanja Rakusic-Hadzic, Head of Criminal Law Cooperation Unit from DG I, Human Rights and Rule of Law.

While making sure that societal concerns about safety and security are observed, the project will develop proposals for meaningful activities for prisoners such as workplace and social skills training, family visits and cultural and recreational programmes. Another aim is to ensure the safe release and better chances of reintegration for each prisoner. There are also plans to improve internal prison inspections and to review the mechanism that handles prisoners’ complaints.

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