Evaluation of impact “Strengthening integrity and combatting corruption in higher education in Armenia” (2015-2017)

Yerevan 12 January 2018
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When a project ends, it is a good time to reflect on its results and its impact. What it has achieved, what went well, what could be lessons learnt and provide guidance for future actions.

This was the purpose of the evaluation report, conducted by Ms Teddi Fishman, an independent expert active in the field of ethics and integrity in the field of education.

The report concluded that “This project has already succeeded not only in collecting information regarding transparency and accountability in higher education, but also in inspiring people to become advocates for integrity, giving them models upon which to base their own unique institutional codes of conduct, and providing benchmarks for future improvements. Project participants report great levels of satisfaction with their accomplishments, despite having been challenged with difficult questions and sometimes voluminous workloads. … there is considerable momentum that could result in significant improvements to the Armenian higher education system and help move the country closer to meeting its strategic national goals.”

 Download the evaluation report on "Strengthening integrity and combatting corruption in higher education in Armenia"