National Coordinator

Maja Bova

Legal Consultants


Marianna Pace

Valerio Maione



Giulia Perin

Susanna Matonti



Argentina Dragutinovic

Andreja Stevic



Saska Jovanovic

Vito Savasta 


 27 February 2020 / Castel Romano settlement (3 events)
  • Topic: How to get birth certificate from Koln in Germany and how to regularise children who were born in Italy (Kyenge Decree)
  • 50 participants in total, out of which 47 were roMA (5 women and 12 children)

 26 February 2020 / Barra settlement (3 events)
  • Topic: Access to fiscal code, pre-requisite for birth registration and regularisation on local territory
  • 68 participants in total, out of which 62 were Roma (16 women, 15 children)


Local Health-Care Facility at Giugliano, Naples

In Italy, all info days take place in Naples and focus on health issues, more specifically on vaccination because the book of vaccination is a key evidence of the stay in Italy and thus, a useful document for Italian citizenship purposes.

04 February 2020 / Vaccination campaign
  • 11 participants in total, out of which 4 were Roma (3 women)
18 February 2020 / Women cancer prevention screening
  • 10 participants in total, out of which 4 were Roma (3 women)
25 February 2020 / Women in cancer prevention screening
  • 11 participants in total, out of which 6 were Roma (1 woman)
03 March 2020 / Children’s vaccination and screening of pregnant women
  • 2 participants in total, out of which 6 were Roma (3 women)


Information will follow

عودة Online university lectures delivered by JUSTROM Italy consultants

©Photo credit: JUSTROM Italy

©Photo credit: JUSTROM Italy

JUSTROM consultants are active in promoting the International and European standards on different matters concerning respect for human rights, non-discrimination and Roma issues. Online lectures at universities are one type of solution that came out of the current pandemic and that proved to be very efficient and welcomed by the target audience.  

Ms Maja Bova, Ms Giulia Perin, Mr Valerio Maione and Ms Saska Jovanovic, JUSTROM consultants in Italy, have been cooperating with various universities in Italy in the previous phase of the programme and the cooperation continues in JUSTROM3.

The most recent lecture took place on 15 April 2020. Within the framework of the Immigration Law Course at Lumsa University in Rome, Ms Maja Bova, National Coordinator of JUSTROM Italy, held an online lecture on the following topics:

  • Countries of origin, International and Regional Human Rights standards; 
  • United Nations Human Rights Machinery, conventional and unconventional bodies; 
  • Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence, including focus on GREVIO; 
  • Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings, including focus on GRETA;
  • Relevance of the above processes with focus on trafficking vis-à-vis Italy; 
  • European Convention on Human Rights and Non-Discrimination Principle; 
  • EU legislation and Non-Discrimination Principle; 
  • Situation of Roma in Italy, legal status/protection of minorities, domestic framework, and JUSTROM Programme in Italy.

The interactive online lecture was attended by 33 students.

The next online lectures by JUSTROM Italy consultants will take place within the framework of the Legal Clinic Training Course at Department of Law-Federico II University (distance learning) in May 2020.

Rome, Italy 15 April 2020
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