National Coordinator

Christos Iliadis

Legal Consultants


Aikaterini Pournara

Alexandra Karagianni



Eleni-Akrivi Kappou

Georgios Tsiakalos



Ioannis Patzanakidis

Nikolaos Mondrinos



Christina Kokkoni

Yiannis Christou



Giannoula Magga

Marianna Dimou



Songkoul Ramadan Oglou

Maria Tzampazi

AWARENESS RAISING GATHERINGS                                                                                                 

 6 February 2020 / Women’s Detention Center, Eleonas, Thiva
  • Aim: Empowering Roma Women in Detention
  • 125 participants in total, out of which 120 were Roma women
 6 March 2020 / Attica
  • Event targeted to students at 6th Highschool in Piraeus
  • Topics: History of Women’s Day, challenges women face today, particular challenges Roma women and girls face and access to school and bullying
  • 145 participants in total, out of which 70 were women

 12 December 2019 / The Roma Holocaust event
  • Topics: The Roma genocide and the Roma Holocaust, the notion of “anty-gypsyism”, origins of Roma, etc.
  • 12 participants in total, out of which 9 were Roma (6 women)
 1 February 2020 / Interactive Session
  • Topic: The role and position of Roma Women in modern Greek society from their own viewpoint
  • 46 Roma participants in total, out of which 45 were women

12 May 2020 / Long-term unemployment and Roma women

  • 7 Roma women


 22 January 2020 / Drosero community
  • Topic: Launch of JUSTROM3, Women’s Rights in Drosero settlement
  • 13 Roma women 

INFO DAYS                                                                                                                                              

27 January 2020 / Municipal Roma Community Center, Chalandri Municipality
  • Topic: Information on the new framework of JUSTROM3 programme and provision of legal information concerning issues of the participants
  • 5 Roma participants in total, out of which 4 were women
9 March 2020, Informative Day in cooperation with the Extended Municipal Support Center of Keratsini and Drapetsona
  • Participants: Mediator of Municipal Roma Community Center, Mr Georgios Konstantinou, and Municipal Roma Support Center Staff
  • 16 participants in total, out of which 8 were Roma (6 women)

27 February 2020 / Women Association of Dendropotamos, Dendropotamos, Thessaloniki
  • Topic: Open Discussion about the Social Services provided by the Municipality
  • Key-note speaker: Mr Lazaros Kyrizoglou, Mayor of Municipality of Ampelokipi-Menemeni
  • 18 participants in total, out of which 16 were Roma (14 women) 

ROMA WOMEN MENTORING SESSIONS                                                                                             

  • 15 April 2020 / European and International institutions, 3 Roma women
  • 21 April 2020 / Introduction to JUSTROM3, humans’ rights-based approach and Roma participation, 4 Roma women
  • 24 April 2020 / Human Rights (online), 4 Roma women

Public awareness regarding Roma issues during COVID-19 pandemic on radio programme and newspaper in Greece

12-18 April 2020 Athens, Greece

On Sunday 12 April 2020, the national coordinator of JUSTROM Greece, Mr Christos Iliadis, together with the legal consultant, Ms Alexandra Karagianni, participated in a radio programme run by the Hellenic League of Human Rights, the oldest and most prestigious human rights organisation in Greece,...

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