Project of the Primary school "Lef Sallata" :
School as A Place of Inclusion and Integration

Specific project’s objectives:
  • To increase the awareness level on inclusion and integration;
  • To improve the educational and social level of the pupils with special needs;
  • To improve management’s and teachers’ abilities for inclusion of all marginalized groups;
  • To improve involvement and integration of all marginalized groups in school activities;
  • To improve active participation of parents in decision making process in school regarding inclusion;
  • To improve and adapt the outdoor school environment  
Project’s main activities:
Awareness campaign:
  • Round table on THE project, for all stakeholders, indirect and direct beneficeries;
  • Three TV spots on the project will be broadcasted  within three months on TV station of Vlora city (one per month)
  • Preparation and distribution of 2000 leaflets and two banners for the visibility of the project;
  • Workshop with the Pupils’ Government, on the project and inclusion;  
  • Sharing workshop experiences with other pupils through meetings in each classroom;
  • They will discuss inclusion issues,  how can pupils contribute to a friendly, welcoming and inclusive school , in cooperation with teachers and parents;
Capacity building:
  • Training pedagogical staff on:
    • Neurological disorders, autistic, dyslexia, hyperactive, language disorder treatment;
    • Two trainings on evaluation, creation of PEI and education;
    • Two trainings on difficulties in learning, evaluation, Individual Educational Plan and education;
    • Two trainings on communication and treatment of children with behaviour disorders and social equality
    • Two trainings for parents of children with special needs on:
    • Communication, knowing their needs in the family living conditions as continuation of the work of teachers in school
  • Professional Support to pupils with disabilities:
    • Establishing initial evaluation team of a neurologist, a psychologist, teachers and parents;
    • Identifying pupils with disabilities and completing files for each of them;
    • Preparing and implementing Individual Educational Plans, developed by educators and parents;  
    • Final Evaluation results at the end of the school year.
Peer learning activity:
  • Exchanging experience with the primary school "Ali Podrimja", in Tropoja.
  • Drafting a cooperation plan with a group of teachers, parents and pupils of this school improving positive inclusive practices and development of a more inclusive school.
Comprehensive and entertaining activities for events such as:
  • International Day of Children's Rights, November 20: Artistic program on inclusion 
  • International Day of Children with Disabilities: pupils produce and distribute leaflets and banners
  • New Year celebration „Wonderful Things Happen in an Inclusive School”: role play, concert, theatre, where teachers, parents and children with or without disabilities will take part
  • International day of Autism: a march along the main city street with banners and visit to the Autism Centre
  • International Children's Day;
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - 21 March 2014: visits to some Egyptian children’ families from a group of teachers and pupils, group discussions, cultural exchanges, and other activities.
Improvement of outdoor school environment:
  • Improving sports ground
  • Providing sports equipment necessary for the movement’s therapy for all the children, but especially for children with special needs (Swiss balls, Dynamic and Balance, Climbing Equipment).
  • Project closing activity, sharing results with all the stakeholders and planning future activities, continuing the work.
Project’s target groups:
  • Direct beneficiaries: 8 children with disabilities, 40  with special needs and their parents, 44 teachers and all the other children
  • Indirect beneficiaries: the school, community, society, Regional Educational Directory of Vlora, Municipality of Vlora, where we can share this experience with all the other schools in the country level