Project of the Primary school “Dëshmorët e Kombit”:
Peace and tolerance among pupils

Specific project’s objectives
  • To understand the importance of emotions and its influence on interpersonal relationship and easier way to deal with.
  • To support and guide teachers and pupils for identification of environment problem at their school.
Project’s main activities:
Promoting children’s rights and anti bulling initiatives
  • The initiatives will focus on advancing the position of children from minority groups and children who are aggressive within the community. All 530 pupils of the school will become aware on anti-bullying procedure and learn more about peace and tolerance. By expectations, after these activities they will be ready and willing to promote peace and tolerance among themselves and other children in community.
Trainings for pupils:
  • Multi-Cultural School - promoting cultural diversity and tolerance among school children.
  • Conflict Resolution - teaching children techniques for prevention and resolution of conflicts.
  • Protection of Children’s Rights - Two day training: empowering multi-cultural school communities to deal with cases of violation of children’s rights. Numerous tools and techniques will be developed to help children identify report and prevent such cases.
  • Peer violence - encouraging pupils to report and react in violence cases.
The Peace Club for anti-bulling initiative
  • Initiators: Pupils and teachers will form Peace Club.
  • Goal: Bring positive change and develop student’s entrepreneur and managerial skills. Collectively change behaviour towards pupils, raise awareness and accordingly do practical work knowing that this is the only school in this area and has a number of delinquent pupils around.
  • To do list:
    • - Series of campaigns and demonstrations of the importance of peace and tolerance.
    • - Drafting a questionnaire in order to understand the needs of pupils and violent cases in their school
    • - Building more pro-active cooperation of school and community on school activities and initiatives. Both sides need a lot of support and guidance on working together and expanding such activities outside the school boundaries.
    • - Organizing debates,
    • - Printing the poster on anti-bulling initiative,
    • - Theatre play on inclusiveness organized by pupils from 6th to 9th grade and other activities if it is necessary.
    • - Each level from 6th to 9th grade will prepare a theatre play and receive a reward from a commission selected by school or MDE. There will be four rewards, one per each grade. The reward will be around 200 Euro and intended for buying books or sport equipment for school.
Peace camp
  • Members of the Peace Club, trained pupils, will aim to centralise student’s voice and actions. They will help school to find pupils with different problems and invite them to take part in a Peace camp organized by the school. This camp will serve as a positive change to all those who will be involved. Teachers will prepare agenda according to the needs of student’s age.
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: all the 530 pupils of the school,  30  teachers and other supportive-technical school staff
  • Indirect beneficiaries: Community