Project of the  General Secondary School “Bernardin Frankopan”
Learning School

Specific project’s objectives:
  • To strengthen teachers’ competencies in teaching pupils with learning disabilities/with special needs, gifted/talented pupils and those speaking Croatian as a foreign/second language; to develop learning skills of pupils;
  • To identify different learning styles and cognitive abilities of pupils with learning disabilities and those with special needs
  • To train teachers and associate experts to work efficiently with pupils with learning disabilities/ with special needs /gifted pupils/pupils speaking Croatian as a foreign/second language
  • To develop learning methods suitable for pupils with specific learning disabilities/with special needs, for gifted pupils and pupils speaking Croatian as a foreign/second language
  • To establish constructive communication with parents on the issue of inclusive practices and policies
  • To raise awareness of the local community about the needs and benefits of inclusive education 
  • To set up the School Inclusive Policy
Project’s main activities:
Identifying dominant learning styles and cognitive abilities of pupils with special needs;
  • Workshop for 1st grade: Learning Styles;
  • Teacher Training Workshop: How to recognize different learning styles of pupils;
  • Assessment  of global intellectual functioning of pupils and subsequent student counselling;
  • Parents and teachers counselling.
Trainings of teachers and associate experts on teaching tehniques:
  • for  gifted pupils, pupils with language-based learning, speaking disabilities and communication disorders; working with pupils exhibiting attention disorders and lack of concentration problems and teaching or learning techniques for pupils for whom Croatian is a foreign/second language;
Teacher training workshops on:
  • Implementation of newest vocabulary
  • Teaching/learning techniques for pupils with learning disabilities;
  • Examination of Anxiety;
  • Classroom Implementation of Mathematical Software; 
  • Teaching methods development based on visual teaching devices;
  • Lecture for teachers: Presentation Skills
Workshops on learning methods, for pupils with specific learning disabilities
  • Learning of foreign language vocabulary (English/German)
  • Examination of  Anxiety;
  • Drawings as Learning Tools- workshop  for pupils with visual learning style,  implementation and use of visual learning devices; 
  • Workshops  for pupils with lower levels of global intellectual functioning;
  • Presentation Skills
  • Presentations of visual learning style, workshop for pupils with lower levels of global intellectual functioning;
  • Organising intra-curricular and extracurricular activities.
Developing  learning methods for gifted pupils
  • Student workshop The Use of Mathematical Software;
  • Biology, Physics and Chemistry-based  research project;
  • Psychology-based research Measuring Tolerance of the pupils of the Highschool Bernardin Frankopan towards Minority Groups
Training/roundtables with parents
  • Presentation of the project scope and objectives to parents;
  • Counselling parents of children with learning disabilities
  • Lecture: Parental role in education of a secondary school student
  • Workshop Influence of different parental styles upon child’s school achievement;
  • Project result dissemination activities for parents
Raising awareness on inclusive education in local community:
  • Inclusive education conference;
  • Media presentation of the Project activities and results
  • Pupils and parents will fullfill a questionnaire on inclusive school atmosphere, at the beggining and the end of the project,  with the subsequent statistical data processing;
  • Drafting School’s Inclusive Policy
Project’s target groups
  • Direct beneficiaries: Pupils with learning disabilities (40),  gifted pupils (40), pupils with Croatian as a foreign/second language and their parents (20), teachers, associate experts of the School and four partners of the primary schools (70)
  • Indirect beneficiaries: all pupils of the School and their parents (1200), all pupils of the partner primary schools and their parents (1000), local community