"ALL IN: Towards gender balance in sport" is a European Union (EU) and Council of Europe (COE) joint project (1 March 2018-31 October 2019). Its aim is to provide support to public authorities and sport organisations when designing and implementing policies and programmes addressing gender inequalities in sport, and when adopting a gender mainstreaming strategy.

It is high time we perform better on gender equality in sport!

Gender inequalities persist in many aspects of the sports world (leadership, coaching, participation from grassroots to elite sport, media representation, prevalence of gender-based violence, etc.). There is also still a lack of concrete policies and programmes addressing this issue in Europe.

It is high time we perform better!

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That encourages decision-makers to take positive action to redress the gender gap in sport, provides concrete tips and techniques, as well as examples of good practices.

"ALL IN" iN brief


 Collecting data on gender equality in sport on leadership, coaching, participation, media / communication and gender-based violence, so that progress can be monitored, allowing for comparisons between countries and between sports, and to help design evidence-based policies

 Producing concrete materials and developing activities, to support policy-making and driving for change


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