The South Programme IV continues to support the functioning and the fulfilling of the mandate of human rights institutions and democratic governance bodies in the region, by using the Organisation’s tools, methodologies and training curricula.


The success of democratic reforms relies strongly on the effective application of newly adopted legislation and on the setting-up and strengthening of institutions to ensure their implementation and citizens’ rights. In this respect, human rights institutions and democratic governance bodies play a key role in the legal and judicial reforms efforts for the operationalisation of human rights and rule of law principles.


Building on the results of its previous phases and by making full use of the solid bilateral partnerships established with several beneficiaries institutions, the South Programme IV seeks to reach out to more beneficiaries in the region, in particular relevant bodies and civil society organisations working in the fields of children’s rights protection, action against trafficking in human beings, economic crime and the prevention of torture. Strengthening regional co-operation to support and facilitate sharing experience and good practices on their respective mandate will be key in this collaboration.


Photo: Family picture of the cross-border launching event of the HELP course on trafficking in human beings (Tunis, 13-14 February 2020)

Fight against economic crime



 Leaflet on the European Commission for the efficiency of justice (CEPEJ): EN FR AR

 Report "European judicial systems - CEPEJ Evaluation report - 2020 Evaluation cycle (2018 data): EN FR

 Code of good practice in electoral matters adopted by the Venice Commission: EN FR AR

 Awareness-raising spot on trafficking in human beings in Morocco: FR/AR

HELP E-learning tool

A useful tool developed by the Council of Europe is the European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) which aims at enhancing the understanding of human rights standards among legal professional, academics and civil society, and to improve their application at national level. After the success experienced under the South Programme III, which supported the launch of the HELP course on violence against women and on trafficking in human beings in Tunisia and Morocco, as well as the translation into Arabic of its module on data protection, the programme will be further enlarged to the region.

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