Organised by the CoE, the final conference will highlight the results from DELI and C4I projects...

"Building Inclusive Societies"

23-24 June 2015 Brussels, Committee of the Regions
Organised by the Council of Europe, the final conference will highlight the results from DELI and C4I projects

DELI 2nd coordination meeting

11-12 December 2014 Vienna, Austria
The aim of the DELI second partnership meeting was to review mid-term achievements of the project and to share the lessons learnt from the 2014 activities.  The meeting assessed the fulfilment of the results and the changes achieved through these activities. Particular attention was paid to the assessment of the work done through the establishment of local partnership platforms and of 1st...

Second Diversity and Economy Round table in Getxo

25 February 2015 Getxo, Spain
The Round Table participants met to discuss the results of the assessment conducted by the municipality among different local stakeholders to map and understand existing gaps and challenges in terms of support policies for migrant entrepreneurs and access of migrant suppliers to public procurement. The Round Table was also occasion to present the management standards – developed on the basis of...

First Diversity and Economy Round Table

2 October 2014 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
On  2 October 2014, the first Diversity and Economy Round Table took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In the heart of the city, around 25 participants gathered to discuss the topic of 'hidden' entrepreneurship and the opportunities and challenges this brings for a diverse city such as Rotterdam. Hans Beekman, Director of Urban Development for the City of Rotterdam, opened the session by...

Michel Lebrun, President of the Committee of Regions about DELI

24 July 2014 Brussels, Belgium
The Committee of the Regions is the natural partner of the Council of Europe in the field of integration of migrants and our both institutions have clearly a common space of interests to develop in this field. The project DELI has a considerable potential for mobilising the participation of regional and local communities for meeting the challenges of integration, access to job markets and...

DELI first coordination meeting

22-23 May 2014 Lisbon (Portugal)
The 1st Coordination meeting of the DELI project was held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 22-23 May 2014. The representatives of 10 partner-cities attended the meeting, including representatives from the Municipal Department of Economy and Innovation, Lisbon. Partners examined the progress made in implementing local project activities, including local communication and outreach strategies and the...

Herwig Van Staa, President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (Council of Europe) about DELI

26 June 2014 Strasbourg, France
Cities have a critical role to play in driving transition to effective policy planning that takes due account of the population diversity and its benefits. The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities has been actively supporting the process of migrants’ economic integration in European cities and regions, having recently adopted Resolution 358(2013) and Recommendation 343(2013) on promoting...

First Diversity and Economy Round table

2-3 June 2014 Bucharest (Romania)
The City of Bucharest hosted the first Diversity and Economy Round Table in the framework of the Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration project (DELI), to discuss the establishment of the local partnership platform in support of migrant entrepreneurship and diversity-friendly economic strategies. Fifty participants - representatives from the local and national public authorities,...

DELI kick-off meeting

4-5 March 2014 Brussels, Belgium
The Council of Europe launches an innovative project to foster more efficient local policies in support of migrant-owned SMEs and migrant entrepreneurship What can we do to support migrant entrepreneurship in Europe and diversity-friendly economic policies and strategies, including procurement? How to establish private & public dialogue to improve the environment for economic integration of...

Samardzic Markovic, Director General of Democracy at the Council of Europe about DELI

16 May 2014 Strasbourg, France
One of the challenges of living together in diverse societies is ensuring not only equal rights but also equal opportunities for all. Migrant empowerment and inclusion in the economic sphere are essential factors of equity and social cohesion. But they are also a means of realizing the diversity advantage – the gains in productivity, creativity and innovation associated with diverse teams,...

Ambassador Torbjørn Frøysnes, Head of the Brussels Office of the Council of Europe to the EU about DELI

19 May 2014 Brussels, Belgium
The project DELI illustrates the increasingly dynamic and concrete partnership of the Council of Europe and the European Union in improving diversity management and the integration of migrants in Europe. The Council of Europe and the European Union share the same values and objectives: respect for human rights and the rule of law as well as equal access to opportunities for all.  While our...

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