Ambassador Torbjørn Frøysnes, Head of the Brussels Office of the Council of Europe to the EU about DELI

Brussels, Belgium 19 May 2014

The project DELI illustrates the increasingly dynamic and concrete partnership of the Council of Europe and the European Union in improving diversity management and the integration of migrants in Europe.

The Council of Europe and the European Union share the same values and objectives: respect for human rights and the rule of law as well as equal access to opportunities for all.  While our partnership adds value at the policy level, our overarching intent is to translate these norms into practical realities.

The ‘Living Together’ reflection process, which was initiated in 2011 by the Council of Europe Group of Eminent Persons, is being now translated in concrete actions that provide inspiration to integration policy-makers and practitioners alike, whether at local, regional, national or European levels.

DELI follows up to the recommendations of the Eminent Persons’ report ”Living together: Combining diversity and freedom in 21st-century Europe”, in working closely with local partners and EU institutions (European Social and Economic Committee, Committee of the Regions) and other Council of Europe programmes such as Intercultural cities.

In this way, DELI is actively seeking concrete solutions to interlinked challenges that rank high on the European agenda: more and more diverse populations, building cohesive and inclusive society, participative policy-making and economic growth.

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