The partner cities, the Council of Europe and the Migration Policy Group agreed on the activities to take place during 2014 and the 1st - 2nd semesters 2015.

The first semester of 2014 was dedicated to (1) collecting data for socio-economic profiles and good policy/practice examples on migrant entrepreneurship in partner cities, to (2) establishing partnership platforms in support of the project, specifically at internal institutional level and to (3) developing Communication strategies.

The second semester 2014 - and with a view of completing data related to migrant entrepreneurs at local level - will be devoted to (1) the organisation of ad-hoc surveys and targeted focus groups with local stakeholders, to (2) developing partnership with external partners, including migrant entrepreneurs and to (3) preparatory work on the launching of the Diversity and Economy Round Tables in partner cities.

Two Diversity and Economy Round Tables will be organized in each partner city during the project lifespan (1 launch and 1 post-assessment). Launching Diversity and Economy Round Tables will be organised during the fourth semester 2014 and post-assessment Round Tables - during the first semester 2015.

The calendar of these Round Tables is the following:

1st Diversity and Economy Round Tables 2014:

2nd Diversity and Economy Round Tables 2015:

Coordination Meetings and the Final Conference


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